According to a recent study by McKinsey & Company, there are more than 400 companies in Africa with annual revenues above $1 billion (yes revenues, not valuations). Africa is considered the last frontier for growth and has tremendous potential. Large companies in Africa are growing faster and making more money than their peers in the rest of the world, raking in $1.4 trillion in annual profits (Quartz Africa, 2016). Executives of some large multinationals who have already gotten wind of the massive opportunities in Africa are making major money moves on the continent. When the rest of the world shall be rushing to the continent on realization that it's the most lucrative investment destination, these companies will have already established themselves as market leaders and will be hard to unseat. Do not be a latecomer to the party.

This book details some massive opportunities (+$1 billion potential) that remain unexploited in Africa, for any entrepreneur around the world interested in building startups that can scale to unicorn status. It outlines all the challenges each of these startups has to overcome and offers a comprehensive guide on how to design the scalable solutions needed to guarantee each of these startups becomes an outlier success. The success of these startups will have enormous impact on the continent and beyond and award investors with high returns.